Hygiene and Reprocessing

With 70 years of experience, Olympus is considered as one of the major experts in all areas of medical endoscopy. Therefore, we also know how important and crucial the reprocessing of medical flexible endoscopes is. With a full range of washer disinfectors, drying and storage cabinets and additional reprocessing equipment, Olympus is the full solution provider for your endoscopy.

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Increasing demands on hospital hygiene is fueled by discussions on multiresistant pathogens. That makes medical endoscope reprocessing a central focus for clinical quality management. Olympus provides a holistic product and service portfolio for secure and sophisticated endoscope reprocessing. This includes a variety of ETD washer disinfectors for endoscope reprocessing and EDC Plus for drying and storage purposes.

For reliable reprocessing processes, Olympus offers quick and effective service solutions including a full range of maintenance and validation activities. This improves uptimes of all Olympus products in the reprocessing workflow.

Olympus — the partner for efficient, safe endoscope reprocessing!

A Few Good Reasons Why We Are Your Ideal Partner

Quality and Safety

Ensuring patient safety is paramount. Thanks to our extensive testing and validation practices, Olympus reprocessing products meet all the latest international hygiene and normative standards. In addition, Olympus not only relies on its own experience but also cooperates with experts from specialist areas. Independent test laboratories confirm that Olympus products meet high safety standards and current normative requirements and that they provide sustainable performance.

Competence and Experience

With over 35 years of experience in the field of endoscope reprocessing, Olympus is your supplier of reliable, high-performance products. We combine our expertise in endoscope design with efficient flushing technology and high-performance process chemistry to form a complete product system. Furthermore, we continuously enhance our knowledge for maximizing patient and user safety.

Usability and Handling

For Olympus, easy-to-understand handling and user-friendliness is focal in our product development. Our solutions are designed to support effective operating concepts and to keep your staff safe during their daily tasks.


The economic sustainability of hospitals is a central aspect. Olympus reprocessing products and services offer economic benefits tailored to your needs and requirements. Our local experts work closely together with you to find your perfect long-term solution.

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