April 28 - 30, 2022 Welcome to This
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This hybrid event will be hosted by the ESGE – and we
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With EndoTherapy, Olympus offers devices that are designed to precisely match all Olympus endoscopes and HF generators. Whether it is a diagnostic or therapeutic procedure, ranging from basic to advanced, the complete endoscopic product lines from Olympus ensure just the right solution for all clinical needs.

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Advanced Procedures

Diagnostic and Interventional Endoscopic Ultrasound (EUS)

Advancing EUS Applications

Full range of advanced ultrasound processors with dedicated features for EUS and EUS-ERCP applications and EUS endoscopes with outstanding maneuverability.

A comprehensive variety of EUS-FNB needles with superior flexibility to obtain tissue from difficult scope positions and EUS-FNA needles with improved echogenicity for controlled sampling.

Ultrasound Endoscopes
Ultrasound Processors
Ultrasound-Guided Needle Aspiration

Take Enteroscopy to the Next Level

Motorized Spiral Enteroscopy
The PowerSpiral allows for fast and gentle access to reach deep into the gastrointestinal tract by pleating the small bowel onto the enteroscope using a spiral segment. This is achieved via an integrated motor, which rotates the single-use PowerSpiral cover tube that is equipped with soft spiral-shaped fins that gently follow the mucosa.

The enhanced insertion speed, easy advancement, controlled withdrawal- and improved maneuverability can substantially reduce the overall procedure time and allow time for effective treatment.

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Enhanced Workflow

Endoscope Reprocessing and Storage — Complete Workflow Solution

The systematic Olympus approach to endoscope reprocessing offers all the solutions you need to cover the complete work cycle — from one patient to the next. From transport to automated reprocessing and— from storage to documentation — you can count on a uniform, sophisticated concept that gives priority to endoscope hygiene and patient safety.

For Olympus, holistic hygienic solutions, thorough treatment-related data recording, and easy-to-understand handling and operating concepts are daily practices.

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Do you know how Olympus is supporting you during the COVID-19 pandemic?
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Flexible Endoscope Tip Protector

A simple, safe and highly effective method of protecting the delicate optics in the distal end of the endoscope.

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A Single Documentation System for the Whole Endoscopy Workflow

ENDOBASE reliably gathers and links all significant data for the endoscopy department and gives access to relevant information in associated systems. ENDOBASE includes automatized support for the reprocessing department by identifying devices and tasks and simplifies the complete process documentation.

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Olympus Service Solutions That Secure Your Investment

Olympus provides a level of service support that extends far beyond mere repairs. Unique and individual service solutions increase uptime, ensure budget security, and keep processes running reliably.
Professionally qualified Olympus service technicians conduct specialist maintenance procedures that comply fully with OEM guidelines and standards to keep your equipment in top working condition.
Our team of territory managers and customer care employees make sure customers receive the attention and services they need.

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